Earth Space
as Gary at chemelec  says about World-Population

Are we in trouble?

Earth has more then 7,000,000,000 human inhabitants march 12. 2012

NOW, Think About This   7 billion
510,072,000 kmē surface area
148,940,000 kmē land  (29.2 %)
361,132,000 kmē water (70.8 %)

that leaves us with 2.1 hectare each

Consider that 2.1 hectare per person must include the space to totally support life. Growing that persons food, disposing of that persons waste, supplying and replenishing that persons oxygen. Additionally this space must be shared with all the animals and insects of the worlds land masses. And even worse, a portion of the worlds industries and wars.

This planes land area does not take into account slopes on hills or mountains,
But this land mass area includes: Swamps, Deserts and other NON-USEABLE AREAS.

I believe the figures and my calculations are ok.
Dividing 148,940,000 / 7,000,000,000 = 0.021277142 kmē per person.
Now one kmē is 1000 * 1000 meters or 1,000,000 square meter.
1,000,000 mē * 0.02127714285714 kmē = 2127.714 mē
This equils an area about 100 by 212 meters or 2.127 hectare per person.

I became so depressed that I call a helpline.
was connected to a call center in Pakistan.
Told them I was suicidal.
They all got excited and asked,
Can you drive a truck?
a quest?