WE DISCLAIM EVERYTHING! Everything! I mean, there is nothing we don't disclaim. We disclaim it all! Truly, we disclaim everything. You name it and we disclaim it. Because you see, we are disclaiming everything. There isn't anything you might think of, or we're disclaiming it. I just want to make this clear: we disclaim everything.WE DISCLAIM EVERYTHING! Everything, you bet your life! We disclaim everything. Yeah, I hear you thinking, there must be something you don't disclaim, but no way: we disclaim everything. Simply everything. WE DISCLAIM EVERYTHING! Buzz off, man! We disclaim everything! Just like that. Peculiar verb ain't it, disclaiming. The content of this website is solely for the benefit and enjoyment of the visitor. By visiting this website the visitor agrees, that he or she may be confronted with real meaning. A-humoursuels alert!  Ownership.  Disclaimer of this disclaimer: This text was stolen from and translated by Klaas de Vries Jr personally from mediocre.nl, but this we are disclaiming.