Health Problems
I need to get better
Fix my type 1 diabetes and heart problems, like the high blood pressure!
The Swedish health system is all fucked up. Vården sux!
 Västra Götaland via Östra are now lending me a dexcom G4

How can I afford getting an CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) system and insulin pump?

Guardian REAL

-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
Paradigm REAL -Time Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring System and Symphony tCGM

I use iBGStar software on my iPhone, see and a freestyleinsulinx for my diabetes.


what can
Ivabradine = Procoralan do 4 you?


Food as medicin
lower bloodpressure - hypertension
food for vitamins

How to stop liver to produce LDL

Diabetic Neuropathy
macrovascular complications

I have low Bilirubin and high B12


Barley has more beta glucan fiber than any other grain

New study!

Nanoparticles is big money, but what is the danger?