Dexcom G4

Västra Götaland via Östra Sjukhuset are now lending me a dexcom G4

with a unit like that I can get an better understanding how the food I eat interacts with my metabolism. 
Diabetiker dör trots bra sockerkoll
the need for a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring




an inverse relationship has been reported between bilirubin and the following diseases: cardiovascular disease (CVD) coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, ischemic heart disease, and all-cause and cancer mortality in men, although some of them failed to reach statistical significance in CVD

It seems that low levels of bilirubin means you are at a greater risk for artery disease. It has to do with elasticity in the artery. Those with high levels , within normal range, seem to be more protected from heart disease.


den 4de April ett brev att ta Furix en annan Sulfonamide som Natrilux jag fick lågt bloodtryk av från en läkare som aldrigt har träffat mig!
få bort stressen att inta veta hur maten påvärkar mig
Trichloroethylene Trikloretylen