Diabetes mellitus wiki

Type 1 diabetes, hospitalised in Groningen Christmas 1980

I was working at Leisure&Allied when I get accepted for employment as Senior Computer Technician at W.A.I.T. . . . . but NOT, at the medical I got diagnosed with T1D and they did not take me as they would not insure me with superannuation. So someone from Melbourne got the position. Down on my luck a friend in Groningen got me a job and a workpermit for the Netherlands.
Fönstertittarsjukan  (claudicatio intermittens) or perifer cirkulationsinsufficiens


Continuous Glucose Monitoring CGM
Dexcom  Platinum G4
Users can set alarms to alert them when

glucose levels are too low or too high.

DexCom, and Medtronic have been approved by 
the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

CGM devices produced by Abbott,
Abbott’s Navigator system still has a small foothold in some parts of the world, but for now,
Dexcom and Medtronic are the sole super CGM powers. ?
medical evaluation